First, Merchants
Companies to develop provincial agency based. If you want to apply to the municipal, district-level agency, the provincial agency has an area managed by the provincial agency; if no provincial agency of the region, available agency as municipal and district-level agents develop policy, but later in the After the Provincial Development provincial agency, city, district-level agents will be managed by the provincial agencies.

Second, agents Conditions
1, self-motivated, entrepreneurial passion, people who want a career.
2, with sales channels and resources.
3, provincial (and municipal) distributors, resellers are in accordance with the company's unified first purchase requirements.
4, agents need to comply with agency agreements and other relevant provisions, the conservative trade secrets, maintaining factory image.
5, to accept the corporate culture and business philosophy, we are willing to promote Langmu plumbing blanket

Third, the agent policy
1, the provincial administrative division units, the study can be obtained after passing the provincial agency;
2, according to the strength of dealers and sales capabilities, the company approved, each dealer can obtain several regions simultaneously agency, but not invade other dealer sales area;
3, in the period of the agreement, agents have the rights and obligations of its agents Sales of products, and is responsible for its own sales agent activities;
4, without the company's authorization shall be in the name of the company in any way other advertising;
5, can not in any way changing products, because otherwise bear Chuanhuo company or other regional agents to bring all the losses and cancel agents qualifications;
6, shall not engage in illegal pyramid schemes and other activities;
7, after performing the first shipment policy, according to the company the price system to sell.

Fourth, the agent process
Contact Marketing Center to discuss → Consulting application, fill the registration (Hotline: 400-8929880) → Company signed a cooperation agreement agents inspect → → → pay the first payment into the product, market training → → sales support marketing operations

Fifth, sales support
1, product training support
Provide free product training materials, and conduct a comprehensive, professional product knowledge training, and sales of its staff, after-sales knowledge training for agents.
2, marketing planning support
For agents to provide marketing programs, product consulting and management solutions, sales and solutions difficult Q: holiday promotions, loyalty promotions, product promotion planning and other activities of the program, the company help agents improve sales overall capacity to facilitate the healthy development of the market.
2, brand image and advertising support
When the agent is responsible for the area, has formed a sales network in 60% of the local area, by mutual agreement, the company can provide certain advertising support according to the situation.
3, terminal material support
A, providing the company's image album, product catalogs, Roll, leaflets, posters and other materials;
B, products into overtime providers offer a full range of brand image showing the different stages of counter design;
C, hold large-scale promotional activities, provide activities exclusive promotional items according to the scale of activity and influence.

Sixth, after-sales service
1, in strict accordance with the national policy three bags, a week to return, replacement in January, one year repair kits (except human factors damage) of the "Three Guarantees" service, maintenance of life;
2, a unified national customer service phone 4008929880, ready for you to solve various questions and to provide the necessary assistance;
3, product quality problems during the warranty period, consumers can go to the point of purchase for replacement or call the national unified customer service phone 4008929880;
4, the dealer after the 8th month replacement application form to fill in unity with the manufacturers replacement; for foreign non-proper use and fault repair warranty period, the Party will only be charged the transport costs and the amount of parts and materials costs, free of artificial service fee
5, such as product quality problems arise during the warranty period, the customer can go directly to the dealer to get a new point of sale product, distributors and manufacturers Statistics monthly 8 replaced with new machines, no fee, logistics must be arranged by the manufacturer, freight from the factory bear.

Seven, market discipline
1, the company every product has a unique sequence encoding the goods in front of the library and registration;
2, if a malicious FALSIFYING dealers, in addition to the need to purchase illegal goods back, we must also pay a fine equal installments, until the abolition of distribution rights, especially serious will be held liable.
Nine, Return Policy
1, if no quality problem, in principle, quasi-return;
2, such as quality problems, can return, freight borne by the company.
3, sold 30 days to allow 10% of the replacement rate, freight borne by the dealer.

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