Select reason plumbing blanket XII

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1, high-quality sleep plumbing blanket automatic heating thermostat system is the body heat of the sleeping version, in whole during sleep enjoy hot effect, enhance cellular activity, gets rid of waste, recuperate quickly. Manual worker fatigue can be improved by getting enough sleep, but the spirit of mental fatigue and lack of energy due to the nerve cells in vivo accumulation of waste due to mild anemia same. For the fatigue of the nervous system is not enough to stop the activities, the best method is to use hot, warm effect that the aid of external forces, promote blood circulation, to clear the body of waste.
      2, enhance brain waves in sleep in the microwave, as conceived babies in utero, the human nervous system relax, resulting in the most adequate rest, the rapid elimination of fatigue intended to help the brain and enhance brain power.
      3, dynamic sleep because the dynamic effects of plumbing blanket, can effectively balance the body's bones and reduce muscle tension, to ensure better blood circulation, reduce hard sleeper bed one night flipping through 30-50 times the number of limbs, and all unnecessary The tossing and turning, and the human body massage, so make the best of the best can restore fatigue during sleep time, get quality sleep.
      4, comfort based on ergonomic principles plumbing electric blankets, full use of water "pervasive" characteristics, to achieve the human body curve and blanket are force fit, so that cervical, lumbar, leg wrist, ankle no longer vacant, each body site even by force, comfortable and natural.
      5, different from the traditional blanket fashion a new type of green warm bed supplies, not only look nice, practical, can also do the role of health care, and to further develop a leading international patented technology for you bedroom import real fashion concept.
      6, know how to enjoy life quality of life, is undoubtedly a characterization of individual quality of life. Life-third of the time spent in bed, choose what kind of a warm bed supplies is particularly important, plumbing and electric blankets to understand life, understand you enjoy providing one third of the perfect life.
      7, according to Japanese researchers antibacterial anti horseleech found a bedding have 210,000 breeding horseleech insects, it is induced allergic dermatitis and asthma in children formed the main reason. The humidity is the bacteria, horseleech insects multiply, the survival of an enabling environment. Plumbing blanket automatic thermostat system can always keep the bedding dry, soft, bacteria, insects horseleech difficult to breed.
     8, sleep hygiene, "sleep hygiene" is an important connotation of "Healthy Sleep" concept. Plumbing blanket erasable, washable fabrics natural antibacterial, plumbing and electric blankets to sleep with unprecedented progressiveness in terms of health, it is not like other products accumulation of dirt, carbon dioxide, bacteria, moisture, etc., which are the traditional heating products Unable to possess characteristics.
     9, cold hands and feet, rapid cure the common cold hands and feet are female. Sleep experts study shows that only when the body temperature control between 28-31 camera low, in order to ensure the smooth flow of the microcirculation, plumbing heating and electric blankets can automatically adjust a few months later, cold hands and feet problems will disappear automatically.
     10, prevention of disease due to plumbing blanket automatic temperature heating system can always sleep in the winter to maintain proper temperature, so as to effectively prevent people from cold in the night, can play an indirect role in the prevention of fever, cough and other diseases. In addition, the cold is caused by small blood vessels and increased blood viscosity, leading to major incentive for cerebral thrombosis myocardial infarction, automatic temperature heating plumbing blanket this can play a role in prevention.
     11, beauty treatments in a dynamic sleep, when the oscillation of the body regularly vibrating water agreement, the body resonance and evoked a strong resonance in the human body cell molecule, thereby contributing to human blood, tissue fluid circulation to accelerate fung metabolic function improved, be able to provide adequate dermal collagen and elastin long needed nutrients, stimulate regeneration skin deep fibroblasts, increase skin thickness, activation of cells, effectively correct and prevent premature aging of skin.
     12, the healthy growth of children is the hometown of the bed, the ideal bed adolescent health and development is an important guarantee for growth, and thus affect their intellectual development. Plumbing blanket for adolescents, can be reduced to a minimum reaction force mattress program, so that young muscles, blood vessels, bones, nerves, spine healthy growth at minimum pressure, while fully synthetic carpet can paste plumbing ensure natural physiological Philip degree teenagers spine is not changed; in addition, the water rippling teen can get a good massage, guarantee high-quality sleep, is conducive to healthy development.

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