Plumbing blanket safer than the blanket comfort

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In winter, most comfortable way to got warm bed. However, Changsha winter outdoor cold, indoor cold, even in bed is cold. For many families, the blanket on the bed heating products has become essential. However, experts have warned that electromagnetic radiation on the human body when using electric blankets, also easily lead to dry skin. Reporters found that the market appears a blanket on the drawbacks improved products - plumbing blanket, safety thermostat, no electromagnetic radiation, no drying, etc., welcomed by consumers.
      Blanket: affordable there drawbacks
      In bed heating products on the market, electric blankets still play a leading role, the price tens of dollars to one hundred dollars, so the vast majority of consumers are likely to accept. However, some consumers find the presence of electric blankets insecurity. "The home has a one year old baby, always worried about leakage will wet a blanket." Young mother Ms. Wu told reporters, although some brands blanket claims are not afraid of water, but that is an electric wire heating, wet or unsafe.
      "Blanket there is electromagnetic radiation and lead to dry skin and other risks." The doctor said, every winter, will be treated in a number of patients due to electric blankets cause dermatitis. Especially the elderly skin itself is relatively dry, prolonged use of electric blankets, will make the body too much water loss and increase the dry, easy to cause skin irritation, itching, or dry itchy throat, constipation and so on. In addition, electric blankets will produce electromagnetic radiation after power, so there will be some impact on the body's blood system, endocrine system.
      In order to prevent harm to the human body, doctors advise, electric blankets energizing time not too long before going to bed ohmic heating, preferably after going to bed turn off the power, do not use overnight, and it is not in direct contact with the human body. Suffering from respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases or people with allergies preferably with little or no electric blankets.
      Plumbing blanket: the use of more comfortable and more secure
      Reporters in the market also saw a new bed heating equipment - Plumbing blanket. "It's the principle and similar buildings warm cloth in a water pipeline in the blanket, can be connected to electricity." A dealers, plumbing blanket consists of two hosts and carpet surface structure, host includes heating, temperature control system and circulatory system, its function is to heat the water to the set after temperature cycling to blanket the body inside. Carpet surface materials used vary greatly, because of cost considerations, generally used in ordinary use of the flannel blanket plus felt material, it will feel a little hard to sleep; carpet surface using high-end memory foam, also known as zero pressure sponge, which kinds of materials with special viscoelastic properties, can provide the most uniform supporting force, such blanket use more soft and comfortable, but the cost is relatively high.
      "Plumbing blanket to avoid the blanket radiation is strong, dry and drain the risk of other defects, the use of more safe and comfortable." Insiders, the user simply blanket body and the host connected to the hosts added 400 ml of water, power can use; if the family has children bedwetting, also can direct water cleaning, do not affect the results; security is also very assured, when no water, when the machine will automatically alarm, will not cause a fire; after winter, the internal water row dry can be folded and stored.

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